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In a CUFFS-88 Multidimensional Report you can select any number of items from any number of dimensions and choose how you want to display the information for the most meaningful financial reports. The dimensions may include levels of a corporate tree, time, accounts (such as Sales or Net Profit), and computed dimensions such as Variance between time periods or between corporate divisions.   There is no limit to the number of dimensions you may put on any row, column, or page of a  report.
EXAMPLES based on sample corporate tree structure
These six reports present the same information six different ways.  
REPORT ONE Each Division is put on a separate page.
REPORT TWO Each Row shows 3 dimensions of data: (1) Budget vs Actual (2) Accounts (Net Profit and Assets) and (3) Divisions (Div 1, Div 2)
REPORT THREE Shows only the month of March. The columns show two dimensions of data: (1) Budget vs Actual and (2) Accounts (Sales and Net Profit), while the rows dispaly a third dimension, Divisions.  See how to define this report below.
REPORT FOUR The columns of this report show two dimensions of data: (1) Months and (2) Accounts (Net Profit and Sales).  The rows also show two dimensions: (1) Budget vs Actual and (2) Divisions.
REPORT FIVE REPORT FIVE and REPORT SIX show the same consolidated data from divisions.   They also show how Budget and Actual can be compared to show Variance in dollars and Variance as % of Sales. These Variances were derived from Budget and Actual in creation of the report.  REPORT FIVE shows the months as columns and the other dimensions on the rows.
REPORT SIX REPORT SIX is the same data as REPORT FIVE, but shows the Budget, Actual, Variance, and Variance as % of Sales as the columns with rows showing (1) Accounts (Sales, Cost of Sales, Net Profit) and (2) Months.
Reports are easy to specify: select any information you want from anywhere in the information hierarchy and put in in the rows, pages, and columns of the report.  Here is the specification for Report Three:

Time = "March 1999"
Accounts = Sales, Net Profit
Rows = Division
Pages = Time
Columns = Budget vs Actual:Accounts

Totals across time are especially easy.  Items tagged "Asset" (LEVELS) are handled differently from those tagged "Indome" (FLOW).  If the Divisions are calculated in months, but BUDGET and ACTUAL are to be quarterly, CUFFS-88 will automatically combine the months, again treating levels and flows differently.  Currency translation between any two entities is done automatically too.



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