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Cuffs Planning & Models, Ltd. provides financial modeling consulting services for corporations, and software for use in business school MBA programs.

CUFFS-88 in the Classroom

CUFFS-88 financial modeling software is available for use at very low cost in MBA programs.  In using this software, students will enhance their computer skills while learning to think far more clearly about financial relationships. 

Key Benefits

Built-in accounting attributes of income, expense, equity, contra-asset, ... makes student models easy to read and evaluate, while removing the tedium involved in cross-period totals and currency translations. This reinforces the practical understanding of the distinctions between LEVEL and FLOW, DEBIT, and CREDIT.
What-if analyses are easy to generate and compare.  This enables students to creatively explore different approaches to problems.
Mix of Procedural and Non-Procedural methods enables students to think about relationships between Accounts (Assets, Liabilities, Equity), and to write their own procedures for step-by-step computations, all in the same model. 
Powerful model-solver means that models can contain goal-seeking equations as these:
Financing Gap = Such That Assets = Liabilities + Equity
Loan Originations = Such That Net Loans Outstanding = Budgeted

CUFFS-88 in the Boardroom

CUFFS-88 has a wide variety of uses in corporate finance.

Key Benefits

For the Controller
Consolidations and overhead allocations, for multiple levels of subsidiaries, divisions, plants, etc.  User-generated account structures allows consolidation of even unlike business entities. Automatic handling of differing fiscal years. Automatic currency translation against projected foreign exchange rates. Special features simplify elimination of interdivisional sales, costs, and profits. The date-oriented database both simplifies and helps foolproof data entry when rolling-forward for Budget vs. Actual interim reports. Other unique facilities make it simple to produce values and reports via either GAAP or Statutory rules, from a single model.
For the Treasurer
To properly evaluate Wall Street's complex new investments. To do sensitivity and Monte-Carlo performance testing, under various yield curves, of debt portfolios, pension plans, immunization studies, new-style "synthetic, risk-free" debt instruments, etc., and their impact on the bottom line and cash flows.
For the Financial VP
Create more realism in corporate plans ("models") that can handle tax-loss carryforwards and carrybacks, can reflect planned acquisitions and divestments, and can even self-adjust its computation methods to forecasted changes in tax regulations. Improve the capital budgeting process.
For the Banker and Investment Banker
Asset/liability management. Invent new financial instruments. Help construct a debt structure that realistically provides for repayment.

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