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Cuffs Planning & Models, Ltd. has been providing financial modeling software for strategic financial planning since 1972.  Today, virtually all financial projections for corporate planning is done with software designed for the non-technical person, and for which the best use is the summarization and formatting of known (historical) data.  Projecting into the future requires something quite different.   When you consider the various leads and lags, myriad tax effects, constraints from loan covenants, it becomes clear that financial modeling, properly done, is anything but simple and requires both analytical and computer expertise.  Our years of experience with planners from Fortune 500 and the Wall Street banking houses led us to develop our own financial modeling software. CUFFS-88 is the result of an unusual cooperation between financial modeling experts and world-renowned computer scientists, who together have created the most flexible, powerful, elegant, and "intelligent" corporate financial modeling and planning tool available.  CUFFS-88 is very unusual in that it provides the facilities that are needed for modeling real-world financial complexity, while not compromising on ease of use.

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For those firms that have the financial but not the computer expertise, Cuffs Planning and Models, Ltd. offers consulting support which can help these firms develop models and applications and achieve self-sufficiency in maintaining them into the future.

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